Level test

A correct evaluation is essential in finding the right course for you, and is the basis for further successful learning. Therefore we try to define your knowledge of the German language as precisely as possible before you enter a class. 

For this reason, we will ask you later to describe in detail how you have gained your knowledge in the German language so far. Please do always start with the A1 test. 

Absolute beginners do not need to do a level test. 

If you live in Bremen or nearby, we recommend coming to our school for a personal evaluation. This is not binding for you and would enable you getting to know our school and putting all questions you might have to us in a personal conversation. Please come in any time during our office hours and plan at least an hourĀ“s time. 

In order to do the online-tests it is advisable that you take some time to complete a level test, do it on your own, and avoid using a diccionary.


Let's go

Due to the technically more elaborate tests of the publishing companies, you will have to leave our homepage. The links below will direct you to the test portal of the publishing company Klett, whose books we are using for all levels. 

There you will find tasks and questions regarding reading and listening, vocabulary and grammar. 

Important: Please send us your results after the evaluation of the respective test to the following address:


Please remember to fill in your name and email address in the form so that we can identify your results.

Good luck!


A1 level test

A2 level test

B1 level test

B1+ level test

B2 level test

C1 level test

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