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28203 Bremen
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Office hours:
Monday - Thursday  08:30 h - 19:00 h
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Mission statement

Who we are

CASA was founded in 1983 by a group of young pedagogues. Owing to our field of work in education and international understanding, the school is registered as a non-profit organisation.

We teach languages with both professionalism and passion, regarding the process of learning as a precious human experience. Our aim is to aid this process by giving individuals the support they need for developing their language skills.

Our motto is: “For a better understanding.” Interacting with our language students, within our team and with our partners, we strive to realise this motto each day anew. CASA – which translates as house – is a place where people from many different backgrounds meet, establishing a community anchored in cultural diversity.

Core characteristics of our team members are dedication, motivation and identification with the school’s aims. Giving each member of our team the opportunity to realise own ideas and to take over responsibilities are crucial for the functioning of our work. Basic principles of our co-operation are

  • teamwork
  • taking responsibility
  • communication and transparency
  • friendliness and honesty


It is of great importance to us to handle natural resources responsibly and to show social commitment.

Our aims

As a language school, we specialise in German as a foreign language, but we also teach English and Spanish. Language skills and the ability to express yourself are keys to successful integration into everyday life, into the world of work and essential for higher education.

At CASA, we want give the individual as much support as possible in acquiring the chosen language. Consciously aware of the link between language and culture, we see ourselves as bridge builders within a culturally diverse environment. For this reason, the focus of our teaching is on communication – enabling our course participants to a better understanding with their friends, colleagues and partners.

What we offer

To us, it is the individual that matters. We endeavour to base our courses as much as possible on the individual’s needs and requests. Being on a par with our clients and establishing a relationship based on trust is very important to us. Our range of clients includes

  • students preparing for an entrance exam at a German university
  • professionals who need to improve their language skills for their work
  • companies and institutions that offer language tuition to their staff
  • young people taking part in an exchange program
  • school classes and groups coming to Germany with the aim of learning more about the German language and culture
  • individuals who want to practise their speaking skills with the help of a TANDEM partner

To our clients, we offer

  • individual consultation and support
  • competitive prices and fair conditions
  • thorough level assignment
  • a detailed course conception with clear learning aims
  • trained teaching staff with a high level of didactic and social skills


Quality standards are of utmost importance to us. The expectations of our clients are met with the help of our quality management system, which involves

  • the continuity and actuality of our courses
  • the training of our staff
  • facilities and equipment
  • teaching material
  • regular feedback to our work

To us, quality is not defined as a fixed parameter, but instead as a process of continual improvement.

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