Am Dobben 14-16
28203 Bremen
Phone +49 421 460 414 3-0
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Office hours:
Monday - Thursday  08:30 h - 19:00 h
Friday                     08:30 h - 13:00 h
Engangement, CASA, Englischunterricht, Martinshof, behindert, Fördern
Engangement, CASA, Englischunterricht, Martinshof, behindert, Fördern


Beside our day-to-day work the international school CASA is also active in other  projects in order to promote intercultural understanding.

Right now, we are supporting the cultural work oft the Villa Ichon which we are conncted to since the beginnings of CASA.

Also, we support the organisation "Fluchtraum" which is looking after refugees. Each year, we supply them with a couple of scholarships in order to simplify the integration of - especially - young refugees into our society.

Furthermore, we are sponsering an initiative which has been established by a group of teachers from CASA and which wants to offer free lessons for refugees.

In addition, our engagement consists in the fact over and over again that we make available rooms for certain groups and support in parts also personnel, if we share the goal of this initiative.

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