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Basic German grammar course

On Tuesday, 26th of February 2019 we will start another basic German grammar course. This course focuses on the important chapters of basic grammar (A2 level). The course is also suitable for participants with higher levels who still experience difficulties with some grammar features. Topics will be: How does the sentence work in the German language? What do accusative and dative mean? How should I apply prepositions? etc. More information here.


Just recently, we startet a new Marathon-course. This is aiming toward teenagers aged 17/18 years, who are in the German school system and could make profit from some support regarding the finesse of ther German language.

The course takes place twice per week in the afternoon. Registrations are still welcome. Please contact us for further information!

Test-DaF preparation in April: we still have spots!

Our next preparation course for the Test-DaF exam is starting on 1th of April and ending on 3rd of April.

The course takes place Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 until 12:30 and prepares for the exam on May 23rd. Only participants to this course can register for the exam at CASA.

Please find more information here.

Running intensive courses: only few spots left!

In the courses which will start 4th of March, we can offer free places in all levels, except for the B2, for which we offer a waiting list.

Joining a running class is always possible without keeping to any dates, taken that we have a place available.

Also, we are more than happy to put your name on a waiting list, in case a class is booked out. This does not involve any commitment on your side. Due to the fact that students from abroad who need a visa sometimes have to postpone their class when their visa is not issued on time, the courses are very dynamic and in many cases we can offer free places few days before the course starts. 

For any questions, please get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

telc Deutsch exams

The next telc Deutsch B2 exam for which we still have free spots both take place on takes place on April  5th (oral) and 6th (written), 2019.

The next and tecl Deutsch C1 Hochschule exam for which we still have free spots both take place on takes place on May 10th (oral) and 11th (written), 2019.

Registrations for the examination are possible any time during our office hours. Please bring along the fee and your passport or a similar official document.

More information here.

CASA is looking for you

Getting the world into oneĀ“s own house is a good reason for many families to accept a guest from a different country. Maybe you have other ideas about intercultural experience. In any case, it enriches everyday life and gives insights into the life of other people and cultures. And, most importantly, it challenges people to become aware of their own life and culture, while they talk about it with their guests.

In case you are a German-speaking family or you know one that would like to become part of the big CASA family, please contact us.

We are looking for families who would like to accommodate a teenager including half-board just as well as Germans who can offer a room with or without meals.

The duration of the stay can vary. Expenses are being covered. More information here.

Intensive courses

Due to very strong demand for our courses, we currently recommend to all new students that they register for consecutive courses they are planning to attend straight away. Only by doing so, we can guarantee a place in the following course(s).

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