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Tests & Examinations

In the run of our German courses, we frequently do internal tests in oder to provide our students with a realistic picture of their own learning progress. 

At the end of each half level, as well as at the end of each level, a level test is being held within the course. In case, the result was positive, and the teacher considers the learning process positively, our students can advance to the next level. 

At the end of each level, each student receives a letter of participation, which contains the finished level as well as the number of lessons and the dates. 

If a student requires a qualified letter of participation, which contains detailed information on the four language abilities - reading, listening, writing, oral communication - , we can supply that at a certain charge.

Sometimes (e.g. when taking up a job, an apprenticeship or a university career), it is essential to prove ones own German language abilities with an official certificate by an external institute. 

At CASA, we offer the following examinations, which are all officialy recognized world wide:

For those examinations, we offer tailor made preparation courses. You will find the dates in each menu item. Please contact us, if you need help in finding out about the best examination for your personal situation. 

NEW: We offer a preparation course for the IELTS-exam for English. More information  here.

Please find here an overview about all upcoming examination dates (Attention: On the day of the exam, we kindly ask every student to give proof of a valid negative Corona-Test from an official test center. If that cannot be supplied, we cannot give permission to the exam, unfortunately, as this is a measure to protect the other students as well as our staff. Thanks for your understanding!)


Date of examination

Registration deadline

telc B2 Prüfung 

 28.01.2022  22.12.2021 
 25.02.2022  24.01.2022 
 25.03.2022  21.02.2022
 29.04.2022  28.03.2022
 10.06.2022  09.05.2022
 30.09.2022  29.08.2022
 28.10.2022  26.09.2022
 25.11.2022  24.10.2022

telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule 

 21.01.2022  20.12.2021
 08.07.2022  07.06.2022
 09.09.2022  08.08.2022
 04.11.2022  30.09.2022
 02.12.2022  01.11.2022


 17.02.2022**  09.02.2022
 24.03.2022  24.02.2022
 26.04.2022**  18.04.2022
 18.05.2022  20.04.2022
 14.06.2022**  06.06.2022
 13.10.2022  15.09.2022





















* Places in those exams will be reserved for the participants of our CASA-intern preparation courses (dates see in each column). Whoever has registered for this preparation course, is entitled automatically to a place in the exam. Only 2-3 days after the start of this course, free places will be offered to external students. 

** This examination will be held completely in a digital way (online, in our school).

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