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Special Courses

Special courses 2020 and 2021

Cours Date Day Time Price
B1-B2 Grammar 21.09. - 07.12.2020 Mondays 18:30 - 20:00  180 €
B2 Conversation 22.09. - 08.12.2020 Tuesdays 18:30 - 20:00  180 €

B1-B2 Grammar 18.01. - 12.04.2021 Mondays 18:30 - 20:00  180 €
B2 Conversation 19.01. - 13.04.2021 Tuesdays 18:30 - 20:00  180€


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Job application training

Topics of this 1-day-training will be: Curriculam vitae and application letter (form and content), as well as the interview (hints and background for intercultural specialities). Minimum level: (currently) B2 or higher.

German for exchange students (A1.2)

This course is being organised twice a year (at request, more often) in order to give an opportunity to exchange students (aged between 14 and 18) to meet up and learn the basics of German (A1.2 level), so that they can integrate better in the German school system. It takes place twice a week, with 3-hour sessions. 

Basic Grammar (A2)

This course focuses on the important chapters of basic grammar (A2 level). The course is also suitable for participants with higher levels who have difficulties with basic grammar. Topics will be: How does the sentence work in the German language? What do accusative and dative mean? How should I apply prepositions? etc.

Phonetics (A2-C1)

Meant for those of you who want to improve pronunciation. This is an exciting course which takes place one a week (and each sessions lasts for 90 minutes only, as the exercises can be physically challenging) and goes through all the difficult sounds and group of sounds of the German language. See here.

Grammar course (B1/B2)

Once or twice a week we offer courses with a focus on grammar for B1 and B2 levels. Specific areas of grammar are being brushed up depending on the student's needs.

> Next start: 18.11.19, Monday & Wednesday, 12:45 - 13:30 o´clock, fee: 85,00 €

Conversation courses (B1 / B2)

For learners who have already reached the B1 or B2 level, we offer a special course aiming at improving conversation. It takes place once or twice a week in order to provide a good opportunity for each student to practise speaking.

Advanced german course for teenagers (B2-C1)

Our new German course for advanced learners is meant to improve the writing and speaking skills of foreign pupils studying in a German high-school. Much attention is paid to the structure of the essays, to covering grammar gaps and to specialised vocabulary. The participants will be better prepared for the future exams and written assignments. 

Preparation course for the exam telc Deutsch B2

This course takes place on 6 evenings and is aiming towards the preparation for the B2 exam. During the class, questions regarding the number of total credit points, or the time frame for each single part of the examination will be treated. Additionally, the participants will train with orignial telc-exam questions and therefore get a feeling for the level of difficulty. They, too, will be shown strategies on how to solve exercises as preparation for the achievement of the set goal. You are supposed to have finished a B2 course beforehand. See here.

Preparation course for the exam telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule

The courses place on 10 evenings and is aiming towards the preparation for the C1 exam. During the class, the participants will work through the tasks of the examination. By using exercises from original telc-examinations, you will learn the scope of tasks within the exam. Together, strategies will be developed to handle the exercises. All four skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking) will be covered. The course will focus on the practical skills. See here.

Grammar & Conversation course (C1 +)

For learners who have already reached the C1 level, we offer a special course aiming at improving grammar as well as conversation. It takes place once a week. Students can join the course following prior consultation. See here.


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