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telc Deutsch B2

Examination & Preparation course

telc Deutsch B2 tests your general German language competence at an advanced level. The exam can be taken by anyone.

For more information, please check the website of the telc institute.

Time line

The examination takes place on 2 successive days:

Oral part:      Friday     3-5 p.m.

Written part: Saturday 9-12 a.m.


110,00 € examination fee*, plus 30,00 € administration fee = 140,00 €

The registration for the exam must be done until Friday 5 weeks before the exam takes place (dates see on our overview site Tests & Examinations). It can only be done personally in our office, on immediate payment and by showing the passport.

A later enrollment is possible up to 1 week before the exam. It implies an extra charge of 20 €.

A quicker evaluation can be applied and paid for immediately upon registration for the preparation course. evaluation. The result is then available 2 weeks after the exam rather than 4-6 weeks. It costs 150,00 €. 

Preparation course

If there is enough demand, we offer a B2-preparation course for the exam. This gives the possibility to ask questions about the way credits are given in the exam and how much time each part of the exam takes. Furthermore, participants will use original past telc-examinations in order to become familiar with the way tasks are being formulated as well as the the overall demand. On top, strategies will be trained which shall help to prepare for the exam, and we offer a training on-the-product.

Format of the course: 6 dates with 2 lessons from 6 until 7:30 p.m. short before the exam takes place. Price: 108,00 €

Important: Vocabulary, useful phrases, and grammar of the B2 will be assumed as known and will not be trained in this course. Also, the course is no guarantee for the success of the examination. 

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